Knot nice

How to transport your necklaces without getting them in a knot.

I’m actually writing this post for my friend and fellow beauty, Liezel from 9Lives who found herself with this last week:

Knotted necklaces
Image from Liezel’s Instagram @liezelmalherbe

Who hasn’t had to deal with this? It seems like necklaces are attracted to each other, and nothing less than a ridiculous knot will do. So hopefully this will be helpful to the rest of you, too.

What you need

All you need to keep your jewels safe is a craft knife, sticky tape and a bunch of straws (you’ll need one straw per necklace).

I use paper straws as I find them easier to work with. These Cocktail Straws are from Mr Price Home and will set you back R26 for 50.

Thread through

Slit the straw length-ways with the craft knife, and then gently push the necklace into the straw. Pieces with narrow tops can just be threaded through.

Secure ends

Once inside the straw, secure the ends with a bit of sticky tape. Now you can transport them en masse without a snag!