Nails Inc. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen

Nails Inc. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen, R125

Nails Inc. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen

What they say: Hydrates and nourishes cuticles while encouraging healthy nail growth. Vitamin e cuticle oil pen is specially created for targeted hydration of the cuticles. The Vitamin e cuticle oil pen comes in a beautiful silver pen with simple brush applicator. This makes it ideal for popping into a handbag. Simply brush the oil onto the cuticles and massage in. This will help to hydrate dry, cracked cuticles whilst encouraging healthy nail growth. It helps to prevent hang nails but also hydrates the nails helping to prevent splitting, peeling, breaking and flaking. HOW TO APPLY When you first purchase the oil pen, you will need to twist the end several times until you see the oil in the brush. The oil has a delicate purple colour. One full twist of the pen will be enough oil to do one full hand. Clients have a tendency to over use the product but it is intensive so one twist really is enough. Brush the oil onto the cuticles and all the way up the side of the nails. Massage the oil into the nail and cuticle. Apply oil at least twice each day

What I say: I’ve always struggled with dry cuticles, but recently they were getting out of hand.

I’m a huge Nails Inc fan, so thought I’d give this pen a try. And boy and I glad I did! I actually managed to remember to apply the oil twice day, and it’s sorted my cuticles out in under a week!

My nails and cuticles look healthy and happy. The oil absorbs really well, and doesn’t leave any oily or sticky residue – which was a problem I had with many other cuticle oils and creams. This one disappears after a few minutes.

If you’re prone to dry cuticles, give this a try!