How to apply individual false lashes

Today Eylure take us through a Pro-Lash Individuals Lash Master Class, so you can apply individuals with ease.

1) Clean lashes and eyelids to ensure they are oil free.

2) Pour a few drops of Superfix Lash adhesive (included in the box) onto a piece of tin foil.

3) Use the short pieces for your inner eyelashes, medium for centre lashes and long for the outer corner lashes.

4) Choose a lash and remove from the tray with tweezers. Dip the knotted end of the lash into the adhesive.

5) Start with the left eye, using your right hand place the lash on top of your own lash with the root end close to but not touching your eyelid.

6) Gradually work towards the outer corner. In general you will apply between 7 and 14 lashes per eye.

7) Note: Never try and pull Lash Extend lashes off once Superfix has set (takes 5-10 seconds to set).

To remove, apply baby oil to a disposable cosmetic bud and dab onto the bulb of the individual lash until the lash flare loosens and falls away.


You’ll find Eylure Lashes at Dis-Chem pharmacies in a variety of lengths for R52.95 a box.