Avon Big & Daring Volume Mascara

Avon Big & Daring Volume Mascara, R129.95


What they say: Go bold! Sweep on from root to tip for 24-hour explosive volume. Water-resistant

What I say: I have mixed feelings about this mascara. I like the chunky tube- quite similar to the Maybelline packaging. Avon is doing well with their product design at the moment – fresh and modern.

The brush is a big, curved bristle one, which I normally like, but this one holds way too much product. It goes on very clumpy and is impossible to apply without a clean brush on hand to comb through your lashes to tidy up the application.

But once you get past the messy application, the formula is quite good. And although I didn’t find it especially volumising, it is one of the blackest black mascaras I’ve ever used. It has serious longevity, too. It lasted all day and had to be removed with make-up remover at the end of the day.

Have you tried it? What do you think?


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