Chanel Collection Reverie Parisienne

Aah, Paris in the springtime. There are few cities that beat it for its charm and magical ability to revive itself at this time of year.

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So it’s hardly surprising the Frenchest of all French houses has created a limited edition collection inspired by les blossoming jardins of Paris.


As Europe delicately edges towards spring, Chanel treats us to their interpretation of the youthfulness and subtleties that are about to embrace its city.

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COLLECTION RÊVERIE PARISIENNE is an 18-product strong offering that will have you daydreaming about Paris all the way through to the dawn of our spring in September. I’m not sure how Chanel does it, but they always seem to create collections that are prettier than the last – the one we said couldn’t get any prettier. This one is by far my favourite of the last year, possibly two, but I’m sure the next one will be even more spectacular.


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Le Vernis

Chanel 2015

You’ll find the collection at all Chanel counters for a limited time only. Prices range from R340 – R665.