Flash Ink Temporary Tattoo Jewellery

Flash Ink Temporary Tattoo Jewellery, R80 a sheet.


What they say: Trending and fashionable, metallic tattoo jewellery is the perfect way to make a statement and is the ultimate beauty accessory.

Easy to apply, non-toxic and waterproof, these metallic tattoos are perfect for the beach, pool, parties, social events and any and every occasion where you want a little flash!


What I say: If you follow me on Instagram, you won’t need to read my review, as you’ll already know how much I love these tattoos. I will probably be wearing at least one everyday until the weather turns too cold to show them off.

For those of you who haven’t discovered Flash Ink yet, you’re in for a treat. They are basically the same as the ones we used as kids. But thankfully the designs stretch a little beyond Barbie and Ninja Turtles. These are contemporary designs that act like stick-on jewels. Each sheet has numerous individual tattoos (the number varies, depending on the design) that you can style to create a unique look.

Flash Ink

The last from 2 – 10 days, depending on where you put them and how you look after them. Any oil-based products will decrease their longevity, as it’s oil that removes them when you’re bored of them.

To apply them, make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from any oils. Cut out the tattoo as close to the edge of the design as possible (without cutting the design) and remove the clear plastic sheet covering the face of the design.

Place the tattoo face down on your skin and hold a wet cloth or sponge against it for approximately 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, gently peel the paper aside to see if the tattoo has transferred. If not, hold the cloth or sponge against it for an additional 30 seconds. Peel the paper off the skin and then pat the tattoo gently with the wet cloth. Allow the tattoo to set for at least 10 minutes before stretching your skin. Flash Ink looks best after setting for two hours.

There are currently 11 design sheets to choose from and are just R80 from Flash Ink.