Caribbean Tan Range

A little while ago Caribbean Tan sent me their entire tanning collection – I know, don’t hate me.


It’s for a good reason – for me to test each formula to see which suits my skin type best.

They have 3 shades in each tan: A Fair, B Medium and C Dark, as well as two different result options: Instant colour and Gradual Colour. I am obviously shade A, as I’m practically see-through.

Watch their brilliant application videos here.


I liked all 4 products, but for the sake of the review, I’m going to break down my thoughts from least favourite to most. Colour wise, they all gave a natural tint to the skin, and not a hint of orange in sight!

Tanning Spritzer

Tanning Spritzer: This was my least favourite purely because it was my least favourite application method. I found the nozzle gave a bit of an uneven finish. It was better to apply it to the mitt and them smooth over my skin.

Tan In A Can Gradual

Tan in a Can Gradual: As much as I loved the aerosol application of this, I prefer to see where I’ve applied the product to avoid streaking. This is why my favourite is the Instant version of this.

Bronzing Mousse

Bronzing Mousse: I found this to have the faintest scent out of all of them. I don’t know if this was just in my head, but it seemed to not smell as much as the other three, although they were all pretty well scented – still slightly burnt toasty, but not overpowering. This didn’t make it into first place because I prefer the spray application to the mitt (I’m OCD about not getting tan on my hands!)

Tan In A Can Instant

Tan in a Can Instant: This was the winner! I love the application – quick and easy. Spray onto the skin and blend with the mitt, and you’ve instantly got a gorgeous tan! Two thumbs up!

Tanning Wipes

Gradual Tanning Wipes: I didn’t test these because I’ve used them before. They are suitable for all skin tones (A,B & C). You get 6 individually wrapped wipes in a box, making them perfect for touch-ups while travelling.

In addition to these tan products, they also have great tanning aids.


The Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator is used before tanning to remove dead skin and create a smooth canvas to apply self-tan on. It’s worth noting that Leigh from Lipgloss is my Life raves about this scrub!

The Professional Tanning Mitt helps you to create a smooth, even tan.

Skin Hydrating Body Butter is a great way to keep your skin well hydrated – to prolong the life of your tan.

Tinted Skin Glow Shimmer

And finally, the Tinted Skin Glow Shimmer that will not only extend the life of your tan, but also gives your skin a golden shimmer.

The products range from R54.95 to R94.95, making it the most affordable tanning range on the market!