LUSH is here!

With the daily scare stories of chemicals in skincare, I’m very happy to tell you about the launch of UK brand LUSH. They hand make fresh cosmetics.

They do exactly what it says on the bag

I missed the official launch of the store at the VnA (don’t worry rest of the country, they’re working on getting to you as we speak), but in a way I’m glad because it meant I got my own store tour. And got to play with every single product. (I was there hours). I know a lot about a lot of brands, but this and Kiehl’s are the only ones I would LOVE to actually work for!

So fresh it has to be kept on ice!
Shampoo and Conditioner bars
Shampoo bars
Skin care
DIRTY - The range for boys
Bath time just got a whole lot brighter!

They have skin care, hair care and a ba-gillion body care products (including fragrance). My two favourite parts of the store, which is a veritable playground for adults, are the fragrance and colour journeys.

Fragrance bar

The fragrance journey involves you sitting with your eyes closed then telling your ‘Lush Looney’ what your 3 fave scents are. (That’s what I call them, not what they call themselves, obvs. But all the staff are so passionate about the brand, they come across a bit nuts at first, but you’ll be besties with them after 2 minutes! My Lush Loonie was Jen, who excitedly explained every product to me.) Mine was coffee, fresh cut grass and my horse – turns out the horse was a step too far, so I changed it to fresh flowers, which is a lot more main stream. They then take you through a little meditation connected to the scent they have chosen for you. (The packaging is plain black, so you have no idea what you’re smelling, even if you’re peeking). After you’ve done all 3, you then chose your fave.

Looks like Picasso was here!
Word Up!

The other is the colour wheel called ‘Emotion Brilliance’. OMG – this was more than a little freaky. You stand in front of a wheel covered with colourful dots with your eyes closed and imagine a white space. Then your ‘Lush Looney’ spins the wheel, you open your eyes and you have to choose the first 3 colours you’re drawn to. Not your favourite, what you see first. Each colour has a word attached to it. These three words means something to you in your life right now.

My 3 colours / emotions

Your first shade is a strength or weakness you have. Mine was a gorge light navy – Control (snigger). Next is your subconscious. This was a bight coral for me – Believe. And the final one is your aspiration. Mine was orange (!?) (I hate orange), which means vibrance. This was incredibly interesting for me.

Then based on this, you can choose which colour/word to wear. You can use them colours on your eyes and, if they’re suitable, your cheeks and lips. So. Much. Fun! Those of you not lucky enough to live in CT can play this game yourself on their UK site here.

My very own 'Lush Looney" Jen and her Toothy Tabs
Toothy Tabs...

The ‘looniest’ product has to be these toothpaste alternatives. Toothy Tabs do the same thing as toothpaste, but without the packaging (toothpaste tubes can’t be recycled, like at all.) You pop one into your mouth, chew it a bit with your front teeth, then use a wet tooth brush they way you normally would. I tried a few, and they froth-up so much, that once it’s dissolved, you can’t tell you’re not using regular toothpaste.

My stash

This is what I left with. The boyf did go back the next day and buy a shed-load of stuff. The bright blue soap is called Sea Vegetable, and makes you smell like you’ve spent the day at the beach. The oatmeal coloured disk is a shampoo bar for the boyf – works like a dream. Angels on Bare Skin is a clay-like facial cleanser that makes your skin feel like, well, like it’s been touched by angels.  You just add water to activate it – see pics below. The Dirty Styling Cream is for the boyf’s short hair. It gives hold without being sticky or leaving that nasty white residue. The blue bottle is my ‘Control’ colour. And the little stick is my Imogen Rose solid perfume – this was my favourite scent from my fragrance journey.

Angels before
Just add water

And they are as big on saving the environment as they are your skin. All of their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. You can even take your empty pots back to the store so they can be made into new pots. They only source from ecologically sound suppliers, are vehemently against animal testing, and support local charities.

They also have a huge range of pre-wrapped pressies.