MIRA Body Massage Cups

MIRA Body Massage Cups, R249.


What they say: Cupping therapy massage is a natural healing technique based on Ancient Chinese Cupping Therapy, an integral healing practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine. MIRA Dynamics is at the forefront and leads the way in modern day Cupping Massage, a natural alternative for relief, cure and solution to every day health and beauty problems.

What we say: I’ve tried facial version of these cups before, with great results. And I’m happy to tell you these body ones are just as impressive.

There are two different cups in the box – the green one is soft and blue one harder. You need to apply a lubricant of some form – I’ve been using Nivea’s Q10 Firming Body Oil. You gently squeeze the cup to create suction against your skin. There is this movement guide in the box so you know how apply it. Just make sure you don’t leave the cup in one place too long – it will leave a mark. Don’t worry if you do get one – it does go away after a few hours.

I decided to start with the green one, and have been using it on my thighs every day for two weeks. I am quite amazed with the results. My skin feels plump – almost pillow like. My cellulite has dramatically decreased (I wasn’t expecting such amazing results, so didn’t take before pics…). The skin looks much more radiant, and has a glow it’s never had before.

I’m not sure if this is because of the increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, or from the exfoliation the massage is doing. Either way, I don’t really care! I think the cups are fabulous, and I can’t wait to graduate to the blue one.

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