Fing’rs Prints Runway Ready Press-On Nails in Show Stopper

Fing’rs Prints Runway Ready Press-On Nails in Show Stopper, R119.95

Fingrs Runwy Ready

What they say: Wild patterns paired with unique shapes & abstract lines that make a grand entrance. Comes with royal crown rhinestone charms ensuring that whoever wears the crown will surely rule the runway.

Quick & Easy application of pre-glued press on nails in one step. Press & Go!

Box contains 24 Pre-Glued Nails in 12 Sizes, 2 Crown Rhinestone Charms and 6 Adhesive Tabs.

What I say: It’s pretty obvious that the stick-on nails trend is not going away anytime soon. This brand has just launched exclusively into Clicks stores.

Packed in a neat box, what I love most about these is the fat that they are pre-glued, and don’t have any fiddly protective tabs to remove. You literally size them out against your own nails and press them down. That’s it!

I’m not a fan of the stick on jewels (crowns in this case), but I did test one out, just to see if the adhesive tabs actually held them in place – they do.

They didn’t last as well as imPress, but I think that’s because of the glue they use. They’ve been designed for ease of use and speed of application, so you can’t have everything, I guess. They are super easy to remove, as well. You just have to peel back the bottom edge until the glue lifts – no acetone needed. And most importantly, removing them didn’t damage my natural nails, either.

There are 4 collections, each with a few different designs – ranging from simple, natural looks to crazy street art inspired graffiti motifs.