Revlon Ultra HD Lips

Happy Monday, girls! You know it’s going to be a good one when it starts with new goodies from Revlon.

Ultra HD Lips

This week sees the launch of their much-anticipated Ultra HD lip products. I’ve had these for about two weeks now, and am already obsessed. Before I get onto the different products, let’s have a chat about the packaging. It’s phenomenally chic and modern. Revlon have had a turn around in recent years with their packaging. Gone is the boring black and gold on absolutely everything; our eyes are now treated to slick silver tops and crystalline tubes. It’s a similar situation as to when someone finally gave Volvo designers a drawing curve – suddenly we had exceptional design from a house known for being, well, square.

Now onto the products, there are two collections: one lipstick and the other lacquer. Both are have Revlon’s special high-definition gel at the base of their formulas. This means that you get maximum colour payoff, without the need for heavy, sticky waxes. Nice.

Ultra HD Lip Lacquers

The Ultra HD Lip Lacquers are great; so shiny you can see you face in them. The formula isn’t sticky, yet still lasts hours – pretty impressive for a lacquer. It’s a gloss/lipstick hybrid that really does deliver the best of both worlds. My only complaint about them is that the applicators are brushes. I don’t like brush applicators on formulas like this, as I find it quite tricky to get a precise application.

Ultra HD Lip Lacquer Swatches

The Pink Ruby formula is very shimmery and has a delicate 3D-ness about it. Smoky Topaz and Carnelian are more solid, matte shades, but still have great shine and colour payoff. These three shades are from the 8 permanent ones, but there are also 7 limited edition shades to get your hands on.

Ultra HD Lipsticks

The Ultra HD Lipsticks are just in a league of their own. I have honestly never used any lipstick that delivers colour like this in just one sweep. The bullets are substantial, making application a breeze. The formula is luscious and velvety, and because the formula is so lightweight, you can get away with super bright hues on less than perfect condition lips.

Ultra HD Lipstick Swatches

I can’t tell you which shade is my favourite out of the three; it really is mood/outfit dependent. Again, these three are from the permanent collection, but there are also 10 limited editions ones available.

The Ultra HD Lipsticks and Ultra HD Lip Lacquers both hit shelves this week at leading pharmacies and mass retailers nationwide for R145 each.