Hi there, Human+Kind

I recently discovered a new brand hiding on the shelves at Clicks.

Irish brand, Human+Kind launched very quietly into South Africa (I’ve since seen it at Woolworths as well as online). Their tag line is ‘skincare with a conscience’, which they elaborate on on their website by stating, “We passionately believe that human kindness is the balm of life, which is why we developed the Human+Kind range of sensational natural beauty products. Our dream was to introduce gentle, effective, multi-tasking skin miracles without any of the harmful petrochemicals. And we’ve done it!”

Human and Kind

The intricate, bright packaging is what drew me to the range on the shelf. I love clever, quirky packaging, so decided to give the All-In-One Wash Off Facial Cleanser, R149.95, a go. The fact that it came with a free Deep-Cleansing Cloth helped its cause considerably. (You can buy the microfiber cloths in a separate two pack for R79.95).

The cleanser has a rich creamy texture and feels more like a moisturising mask than a cleanser, which made me think that it may leave an oily residue. But thankfully, it doesn’t. The cleansing cloth acts as a gentle exfoliator and leaves the skin soft, supple and feeling super-nourished.

Human Kind Family Remedy Cream

As I was so impressed with the Cleanser I went back and got a tube of their Family Remedy Cream, R199.95, that works a treat on bug bites, dry skin, small grazes, minor burns and cuts.

You can get your hands on the range on their local site here.