Nifty new Nivea

Nivea fans amongst you, I’m sure will adore your giant 400ml tubs of body cream. 

Nivea Group

Wonderful as these are, they aren’t what you’d call convenient if you’re short on space, or travelling. But now they’ve launched 250ml tubs of all three variants. Each of which contains the all-important HydraIQ technology to keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated all day.

The Rich Nourishing Body Cream is infused with almond oil to dramatically reduce the roughness of dry skin. While the Intensive Moisturising Body Cream is enriched with sea minerals to help the skin look and feel healthy.


My favourite, however, is the Cocoa Butter Body Cream that is formulated with cocoa butter and Vitamin E. I love the smell and am so happy winter’s on the way, so I can use it again. (I find the creams too rich for summer, so stick to the lotions instead.)

The new sized tubs, as well as the old bigger ones are available in all good retailers for R32.99 and R42.99 respectively.