Foreo Luna Mini

Foreo Luna Mini, R1900


Guys, I can’t explain how excited I am that these sonic cleansers are finally in the country! So you might have noticed that cleansing tools are now a ‘thing’. It started with the face brushes and now this. It won’t be the last to launch, but very probably the last one I’ll try. Not because I think it’s rubbish, but because I don’t think anything will ever live up to it.

The most famous of these devices is the Clarisonic. I have had mails from a few of your asking for a review on it, but sadly the Clarisonic is just not for me. It’s way too harsh for my skin. It made my skin red, blotchy and spotty. I don’t think hey should say that it’s suitable to use twice a day, every day. Even the strongest of skin should only be using something as abrasive as that a few times a week. But anyway, I can’t use it, and was severely put off cleansing tools of any type as a result.

That was until the Foreo Luna entered my life. This is completely different from the Clarisonic in that it is made from surgical grade silicone (it’s BPA and phthalate free), so is very gentle on the skin.

It has two functions and two intensity levels in each. The first is for cleansing and the second is an anti-aging function that helps your products to penetrate. I have to admit that I’ve only used it for cleansing, as I don’t feel I need to use the anti-aging setting just yet.

Foreo in Hand

I have to warn you that once you cleanse with a Foreo, you’ll never be able to use anything else again. The device works at 127Hz with 8 000 transdermal pulsations per minute. Sorry is that seems a little too Grade 11 science, but all it means is that it can lift dirt and excess sebum out of your pores with damaging the skin.

You can use it with any cleanser (gel, foam, cream or oil) and it’s 100% waterproof, so you use it in the shower without fear of damaging it. The battery life is ridiculously good – you get 450 uses out of it for each charge (and a full charge only takes just over an hour).

I can’t write a review without addressing the issue of price. Yes, it’s nearly R2K, but so are many other tools in this category. What makes the Luna different is that you never have to change the head, as the silicone nodules will never wear out. The Clarisonic, by comparison, costs the same, but you have to replace the brush heads every 3 months at R350 a pop.

I have the pink one, which is for sensitive skin, but there is also a blue one for normal/combination skin and a white one for very sensitive skin. There is even one that’s been specifically for tough, male skin.

I’ve been using mine daily for just over two weeks, and I cannot believe how soft and glowing my skin is. I’m not sure if this is because my skin is so super clean or if my products are penetrating better, but I think it’s probably a combination of the two.

I’ve tested it with a range of different ‘dirty faces’ – from city grime to a full face of make-up from a night out. Once I’d used the Luna, I went over my face with make-up remover and the cotton pad came away completely clean each time. Perfect proof of its cleaning abilities!


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