Bon Voyage avec Chanel Collection Mediterranée

Oh Chanel. Really, could you be any more perfect? More gorgeous? No, I didn’t think so.

Chanel Collection Mediterranée

The French house has done it again. The Chanel Make Up Creation Studio’s ability to hit the current world mood is unbelievable; except for the fact that I know it’s true. Every collection is my all-time favourite. How they do it, we’ll probably never know, but I don’t much care about the how, all I care about it that it happens.

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Daydreaming about sitting on the Riviera is all I’ve been doing recently, and what lands on my desk? Chanel’s Collection Mediterranée. It’s uncanny – after all, what is a trend without an emotional response? He’s nailed it again!

The collection is inspired by Coco favourite summer destination, The French Riviera. The press release describes the collection with such detail that I could almost feel the sun on my skin (even though I was bundled up at my desk under two alpaca blankets). Read for yourself:

“Both a haven of peace and a new space of freedom,

the Riviera of the Roaring Twenties was a favourite destination of Gabrielle Chanel.


Contemplating the Mediterranean, the eye wanders as far as the shores of Italy and

time approaches a standstill in the clear air.

Under the blue Riviera sky, skin is tanned and style is casual.

Between sunny getaways and dips in the sea, summer brings with it a new lifestyle,

far from Paris and the rue Cambon;  close to nature.


The CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio extends the memories of the season

with a vibrant collection immersed in azure blue and infused with light.”


See, told you, you’re there, aren’t you? Champagne in hand.

Chanel Collection Mediterranée

Anyway, the collection is smaller than most, but perfectly formed none the less.

Chanel Collection Mediterranée

The Limited Edition Exclusive Creation comes in the form of the GORGEOUS Lumiére D’été. And on the nails, there are 4 stunning, sunshine shades (1 of which, Terrana, is a limited edition.

Chanel Collection Mediterranée

My favourites in the range are the 5 limited edition Stylo Eyeshadows – I don’t exactly need anymore stick eyeshadows, but the turquoise Azulejo is a beautiful addition to my collection. There is also a limited edition waterproof eye Stylo called Orchidée.

Chanel Collection Mediterranée

Lips are taken care of with 4 Rouge coco Shines (1 limited edition, Amorosa) and 2 Lévres Scintillantes (again, 1 limited edition shade, Allegria).

The collection lands on Chanel counters today.