Pantene Blogger Open Trial (Week 3)

Pantene Blogger Open Trial Week 3 update.


I was meant to post this last, but I got a new nephew on Friday, so I got a little distracted. Miano has a baby brother and he’s just perfect (and tiny).

So, Pantene. I’m happy with what it’s doing to my hair as far as repairing goes. My hair does feel stronger and is definitely shinier than usual. It seems more resilient to styling and isn’t nearly as frizzy as it usually is.

However, I’m not happy with the oily situation, and am pretty sure the Repair and Protect range is not the one for me. I normally wash my hair every second day – not because I need to but because I just don’t like leaving it longer. But on this routine, I get to the end of the first day, and my roots ate oily. So I went and did a bit of research, and quite a few people have said this particular range build up in your hair, and if not rinsed properly can cause oily roots.

Now I’m always a bit pedantic about rinsing my hair, so I didn’t think this was the issue. But in the name of the trial, I’ve been rinsing my shampoo for 3 minutes and conditioner for the same. Now 6 minutes rinsing is quite frankly ridiculous, and, worst of all, it doesn’t make a difference to the oil situation. After rinsing like this for over a week, I’m giving up because rinsing for this amount of time isn’t feasible for anyone and I’ve never had to do it with any other brands.

I know some of you wash your hair every day, so this may not be a biggie for you, but I don’t, and it’s really annoying me, so I’m going to be switching to the Aqua Light range for the late week of the trial to see if it’s a better match for my hair and scalp.