New Clarins UV Plus SPF50

I’m very fussy when it comes to face sunscreen. If it pills with make-up, I won’t use it. And I hate oily ones or ones that leave a weird film on the skin.

Clarins UV Plus

So it’s a happy day when Clarins announces a new sun protection launch. This one comes in the form of UV Plus SPF50 Perfect City Defence. It’s anti UV, pollution and ageing.

Most of us are aware of the damage sun can do to our skin, but what most of us don’t know is that simply living in an urban area can cause havoc on our skin too. Pollution is like a super highway of free radicals that want nothing more than to attach to our skin cells and causing damage.

Enter antioxidants – these clever little guys act as a barrier for our skin by attaching to those free radicals before they hit our cells. This is why Clarins has jammed as many antioxidants into this new sunscreen as possible. A host of plant extract antioxidants work together to protect the skin from UV rays and pollution, while hyaluronic acid keeps hydration at an optimum level.

The translucent formula means it’s suitable for all skin types and is perfect for applying under or over makeup.

You’ll find it at Clarins counters from today for R465 for 30ml.