Blistex Classic Lip Protector

Blistex Classic Lip Protector, R59.95


What they say: Blistex Classic Lip Protector helps prevent dry, chapped lips in all weather conditions. It is specially formulated with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile to glide comfortably and provide complete coverage.

Glides on smoothly to soothe and prevent dry, cracked lips.

Contains SPF 10 to protect against sun’s harmful UVB rays.

What I say: I was almost too excited for words when the PR mailed me about this, as I am a massive Medex and DCT fan. The fact that something similar was launching in a tube was music to my ears.

While it’s pedigree means I should adore it, I just don’t. It’s not bad, but it’s not ground breaking, either. I found the formula quite thin and slippery, which means it didn’t last very well and left me wanting apply a few times an hour – not ideal.

If you’ve never used Blistex products before, this may a good gateway option, but if you use either of the other two, I think you’ll be disappointed by this. Also, if you loathe sticking your fingers into the pots of Medex and DCT, then give this a try.