Hello, Hean

A new Polish makeup brand recently launched into SA, and those of you on a budget are going to love it!
Hean Group

Polish products are slowly making their way over here to sunny South Africa – Inglot is Polish and Avon South Africa manufactures their products there. Hean is the latest arrival; bringing bright, fun and budget friendly cosmetics to our shores.

The brand has quite a large range of products, with a strong focus on eyes and nails (we like them already).

Hean High Definition

The two products that caught my eye first were the High Definition Camouflage Concealer Wheels, R100 each. The one on the top is the Skin Mix for neutralizing and correcting skin tone. Green covers redness, yellow covers pigmentation and peach covers blue areas (like fresh bruises). And the one below is the Eye Mix for neutralizing and correcting under and around the eyes. The pink covers dark circles, purple covers yellow (like old bruising) and the white can be used as a highlighter.

Hean True Colour Lip

Hean True Colour Lip Swatch

Next up is the True Colour Lipstick Pencil in Latte Cream, R100. The shade isn’t too well named in my eyes – it’s more tea rose than latte, but I love the colour, nevertheless. It’s a perfect ‘your lips but better’ hue that works well for every day wear. The formula is creamy and hydrating and lasts pretty well considering it isn’t a long wear formula.

Hean Creamy Eye Shadow Stick

Hean Creamy Eye Shadow Swatch

The Creamy Eye Shadow Stick in Copper, R60 is just great. I’m having a bit of a moment with shadow sticks and this one holds its own against the likes of GOSH and Estee Lauder. The texture is soft enough to blend easily, but still lasts all day. Although, if you have super oily eyelids, I would suggest a primer, as I reckon it may slide around a bit on oiler skin.

Hean 5D Palette

Hean 5D Eye Shadow Palette Swatch

I also got the 5D Eye Shadow Palette in Glamour, R175, the purple and pink hues in which are universally flattering and the perfect alternative to black and brown for smoky eyes. The colour payoff for the price point is just incredible. The shadow will last you the whole day too, if applied over a primer. Two thumbs up – great shadow and great value for money.

I have a few other products besides these that I’m currently testing, so keep an eye out for full reviews on them in the next few months.

In the mean time, you can get your hands on the brand over on their local site here.