New in from Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen has some great new launches for the nail lovers out there.

 Sally Hansen Top Coat

First up is the ridiculously good Gel Shine 3D Top Coat, R99.95. It’s the best gel-finish top coat yet. It really does make your mani look like gel and it keeps it chip free and SUPER shiny for at least a week!

Sally Hansen Velvet Nails

Sally Hansen Velvet Nail Swatch

The other launch I adore is the Velvet Texture Nail Polish, R99.95 each. There are 3 jewel shades in the collection and the finish really does look just like velvet. An added bonus is that you don’t have to faff about with dust and other stupid applications to get the look – two coats will and you’re done!

Sally Hansen Lace Nails

Sally Hansen Lace Nail Swatch

The last one is the least impressive in my opinion. The Luxe Lace Nail Polish, R99.95 each just doesn’t look like lace. It looks like speckled polish that is just as much of a pain to remove as thick glitter. There are 3 shades of this as well, if you’re still keen to give them a try.

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