Dr Dermal Range

Dr Dermal Range (R299 – R675)

Dr Dermal

What they say: Dr.Dermal products are designed to fulfill the needs of prematurely ageing South Africans who are looking for cutting-edge formulations that are competitively priced. These innovative products, which are suitable for all skin types, are designed to be used together to maximise results.

Dr Dermal Pads

Texture Correction Pads, R475 for 30 pads.

What they say: These are used post cleansing in the evening and are simply wiped gently over the face.  The hyaluronic acid infused pad also contains anti-oxidants as well as an optimal strength and PH of glycolic acid.  Results in a refined skin with improved texture as well enhanced rejuvenation.
What I say: I love these types of pads. My favourites are the Rodial ones, but at R990 for 60, they are very expensive. The Dr Dermal ones aren’t bad, but I found they made my skin quite dry. But if your have normal, combination or oily skin, these will work a treat for you.

Dr Dermal Serum

Total Rejuvenation Plasma, R675 for 30ml.

What they say: This product is applied in the morning and has all the benefits of a potent anti-aging product as well as being a high performance primer.  The skin has a satin, slightly matte finish and is beautifully prepared for make-up.

What I say: I loved this serum, however, it made my current day cream (Noreva) pill badly. I switched back to Vichy and it worked just fine. There must some ingredients on the two that don’t play well together. So just remember – if your face products are pilling, either wait longer before applying the next one (I wait a good 5 minutes between serum and day cream) or try another day cream.

Dr Dermal Mask

Total Rejuvenation Mask, R299 for a pack of 4.

What they say: The mask is used weekly to optimise moisture retention of the skin. The occlusive fine silk material that is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial ensures that the unique blend of peptides and hyaluronic acid penetrate rapidly and efficiently.

What I say: By far my favourite product out of the three! It left my winter-dry skin looking like I spent a week in the tropics. Plumped, glowing and radiant!

The range is available from selected independent salons, spas and skin care centres.