SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF50

SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF50, R450


What they say: Delivering a new standard in eye care, this ophthalmologist-tested sunscreen defends, enhances, and optimizes the entire eye area, including the eye lid. Formulated specifically for the unique structure of the thinner and more sensitive skin around the eye, Physical Eye UV Defense provides broad spectrum SPF 50 protection without migrating into and irritating the eyes. A unifying tint enhances skin tone while ceramides nourish, creating a smooth, optimal canvas for makeup application.

  • 100% mineral base, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.
  • Non-migrating formula prevents irritation of the eye.
  • Sheer, universal tint suitable for all skin types, unifies natural skin tone around the eye.
  • Proven safe for use from the brow bone to the cheekbone, even on the eye lid.

Nourishes thin, delicate skin around the eye.


What I say: I’m sure you guys can imagine my excitement when the invite to the launch of this landed in my inbox. I adore the SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF50, so am beside myself that there is now an eye specific product.

I guess I should start by explaining why the eye area needs different attention to the rest of the face. There are people who say that the skin around the eye is the same as the rest of the face, and they’re not wrong – its physical, chemical makeup is identical to the rest of the face, and indeed, the body. The difference lies in the thickness of said skin. The skin on your face is around 0.8mm thick. That seems pretty thin, right? Well, what would you say if I told you that the skin around your eye is 10 times thinner than that? Yes, I said 10 times. The average thickness of eye area is skin is a ridiculously delicate 0.04mm thick. It’s difficult to image, but think about denim and silk. It’s fair to say that everyone would treat silk far more carefully than they would denim, and that’s how you need to think about your eye area.

This new launch from SkinCeuticals has been specifically developed to protect this delicate area from the sun and help to enhance the skin with its universal tint. It isn’t mean to replace your regular eye cream, though, so apply that underneath.

The formula contains 9% titanium dioxide and 4% zinc oxide to provide 100% mineral filters. As the molecules of these ingredients are big by molecular standards, they sit on the skin and reflect harmful rays, reducing the need for reapplication.

The texture is creamy and velvety, and disappears almost immediately. It instantly makes the eye are look brighter and firmer. I was apprehensive about its ‘smooth, optimal canvas for makeup application’ claim, and was fairly certain I’d experience some pilling, but no. It held foundation, concealer and shadow with ease, and, in fact, acted as a great primer – keeping it all in place the whole day.

Overall, if you’re serious about protecting your eye area, you need a tube of this in your routine.