Calm cold weather red skin

How to calm a bright red face from this cold weather.

Cold weather

Cold winds and central heating can damage our skin’s protective barrier, as it works like made to regulate moisture levels within the dermis.

The only was to combat this is to increase the moisture levels within our lipid barrier to help protect our skin. Look for products containing cholesterol and linoleic acid.

Cholesterol is not good to have in your veins, but on your skin, its waxy texture helps create a protective film to keep in moisture.

Linoleic acid is a fatty acid that increases moisture levels by drawing moisture from the surrounding air, while protecting the skin from any external aggressors.

Clinique’s Redness Solutions range contains both of these ingredients. The Urgent Relief Cream will calm the skin immediately. But if you are prone to serious redness, it’s better to use the whole range, which comprises a Daily Relief Cream, which has a slight green tinge to disguise the redness. The other two products are a Soothing Cleanser and a Daily Protective Base with SPF15.