Dermasure SunActiv Sunscreen Cream SPF20+

Dermasure SunActiv Sunscreen Cream SPF20+, R97.


What they say: High protection sunscreen cream with antioxidants to protect against sun damage including photo ageing. Provides long-lasting UVA and IVB protection.

What we say: So you know my deal with sun care. I normally only ever use Australian or European sun protection – especially after the CANSA debacle last year, I just don’t think it’s worth it. But this landed on my desk, and I remembered that my dermatologist had said to me that this is the only local sun care brand she would use on her own skin (besides Nimue – but they develop a lot of their stuff abroad). She assured me that they do have their formulas tested, and are quite strict on themselves to create the best possible formulations. So, I thought I’d give it a go… on a cloudy day, for 30 minutes. Yes, I’m THAT fanatical!

My first impression was not good – the texture is THICK and looks like something my mother would have trowelled onto my skin when I was 3! But thankfully, it spreads (already better than the sun screens of old) and absorbs very quickly. In fact, after a minute, it had absorbed completely without any sticky residue. It is fragrance-free and doesn’t leave any terrible ghosting (that white glow you get from some sun protection).

I used it on my face and neck while I was on a ride. It felt fine on my skin, but by the time, I got back, some of it had run into my eyes – nothing terrible, but a little uncomfortable. But my face and neck were both as lily white as when I left, so it definitely did the job!

I’m happy to say that I’ll use this local brand again, just not on my face!



  • Charlene van der Westhuizen

    I use this on my little girl’s face every day. It’s a bit too thick for me, so I use the one that comes in a spray bottle. I love this brand! 🙂

  • Kate

    I LOVE my Dermasure Sunactiv products, both the spray and the cream. Interestingly, I love that the cream is so thick, but not at all greasy, as I have very dry skin and can use it as a daily moisturizer, all year round.

  • Phillip du Plessis

    We used the spray on one of the Cape to Rio races. The entire crew thought that it was a winner. Easy to apply and great against the harsh sea and sun conditions.