Sanctum Gentle Face Exfoliant

Sanctum Gentle Face Exfoliant, R 180

What they say: Polish away dull and lifeless skin with this exquisite exfoliant combination of Loofah, crushed Walnut Shell and Rice Bran. Helps stimulate circulation to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. Suitable for Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination skin types.

What we say: I was quite scared when I first saw the ingredients. Walnut shell sounds quite harsh and abrasive. But I was pleasantly surprised at just how gentle it was. I have dry skin, and normally use an enzyme exfoliator, but skin fared very well with this one. It removed dead skin without taking 4 layers of healthy skin with it.

Being a natural brand, I was also worried about that ‘planty’ smell – don’t snigger, you know what I mean. A lot of natural products have a off-essential oil type of smell. This doesn’t, it has a fresh inoffensive scent.

Sanctum is an organic Australian brand that is available at Harmless House.