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Review | Diego dalla Palma Skin Map

In a world where there seems to be millions of skincare options, it’s very difficult to know what your skin may or may not need. Customisation is definitely the way forward for brands. The ability to be able to give their customers exactly what they need, based specifically on their personal needs will be what differentiates them from their competition.

We’ve seen this trend slowing growing over the last few years, and luckily for us, it’s only accelerating.

The latest brand to offer targeted solutions for the end user is Diego dalla Palma. You may not know this name, but I’m sure you’ll know its stable mate, RVB. The Milan-based brand prides itself on using cutting edge technology and research conducted with the best doctors and universities, to produce exceptional skincare.

I remember using RVB when I was a Beauty Assistant, and thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. I haven’t tried much from the brand since then, but the last press drop that landed on my desk blew me away.

Before I get into the specific products, we have to touch on how I got sent those particular products. SKIN MAP is the new range from the brand, and it’s based on the zones of the face. Most professional brands look to face mapping for their in-salon treatments, but this takes it a step further – out of the salon and into your bathroom.

Each of us have genes that will determine how and at what speed we’ll age, but these are just a small part of ageing. What we need to look at is the extrinsic factors that accelerate skin ageing. This is where Diego dalla Palma started their research; in an area called epigenetics. ‘Epi’ literally means ‘in addition to’, so ageing in addition to genetic predispositions. It studies how the expression of our DNA can be influenced by our external environment, lifestyle and time. Sadly, often our modern lifestyles have a negative impact on this. Cell renewal slows, our tissue doesn’t regenerate at its optimum level, cell vitality decreases, metabolic activity is inhibited and causes early visible signs of ageing.

To effectively target all signs of ageing, the face has been divided into 4 districts, each with specific issues to address. Each area is assessed by a trained therapist, and then a product protocol can be prescribed to address the needs of that client.

My skin is dry to normal, with a dull tone and a fair amount of pigmentation, so I was prescribed the New Light Ampule Intensive Illuminating Concentrate (R675) to be used in conjunction with the Anti-Age Micro-Renewal Cream (R975).

The New Light Ampule Intensive Illuminating Concentrate was developed to reduce redness and dark spots to even out the complexion and boost radiance. The formula contains 10% rose hip oil to help regenerate the skin, reduce the appearance of scars and offer antioxidant protection. 3% Ascorbyl Tetra-isopalmitate, a lipid-soluble form of vitamin C that is well tolerated by most skins, has been added to address deeper pigmentation and calm redness. 1.5% Tocopherol (an acetate form of vitamin E) and 0.7% Chromanol (a potent antioxidant) offer antioxidant protection to keep the skin’s barrier safe from free radicals.

Further targeting my dullness, the Anti-Age Micro-Renewal Cream gently promotes skin renewal. As we age, our skin renews slower, making it dull with fine lines and wrinkles. The key ingredient in this is Royalactin Epi-peptide, a clever biomimetic peptide, the process of which is take from Queen bees. What makes a Queen bee a queen is her diet. Their diet consists of royal jelly, which is rich in a substance called royalactin, which is known to help boost positive expressions of the genes I was talking about earlier. So, in essence, it encourages your genes to be the ‘best’ version of themselves, which, in turn helps to slow our ageing process. By creating an active that mimics this process, we can help repair any skin damage caused by the external environment and unhealthy lifestyle.

This process is encouraged by the addition of glycans, which are molecules which our cells use to communicate with each other – they basically tell the cells to hurry up and renew themselves. Revivyl is another active that has been included for its ability to help boost the skin’s renewal process. These are complimented by a host of hydrating, soothing and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help protect and repair the skin. These are housed in a beautiful gel-cream that absorbs quickly, creating a perfect base for make-up. It also plays well with all of my sunscreens – no piling with any of them.

I’ve used up both of the products, and I can’t believe the difference in my skin. It looks and feels better that it has in years. My pigmentation is visibly reduced, my texture refined and it noticeably plumper. I’m very, very impressed with the results.

The brand is only available at selected spas and salons nationwide, but that means you can get your specialized protocol prescribed for you by a therapist. There is also a targeted professional treatment available, where your skin will be assessed before you get a facial customised to target your specific concerns.

To find your nearest Diego dalla Palma stockist, please call their head office on 021 701 2900.