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Meet the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost additions

If you have dry skin, chances are you’ve tried a Neutrogena Hydro Boost product.

I think it’s one of the best drug store skincare brands, and this range in particular is excellent value for money.

The existing five products (two moisturisers, gel cleanser, micellar water and wipes) are now joined by three new ones, creating a well-rounded, more complete lineup.

The whole range is infused with Neutrogena’s unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix, which has been designed to keep moisture levels in the skin as balanced as possible. It can do this thanks to clever technology that allows for a reservoir to be created and for moisture to be delivered when and where it’s needed.

I’ll start with my least favourite, the Hydro Boost Smoothing Exfoliator. I haven’t used physical exfoliators on my skin in years. Although this is a gentle formula, I’d rather rely on acids to do it for me, as my skin just doesn’t like being scrubbed. But if you’re skin is ok with it, this is a great option. It moisturises while it exfoliates, and the microbeads are naturally derived, so no nasty plastic balls in sight.

The Hydro Boost Eye-Awakening Gel-Cream is a morning must-have. It boosts circulation, waking up the eye area and creating a fresh-faced look, even if you’re anything but. It absorbs quickly and plays well with anything applied over the top.

And finally, the hero for me is the Hydro Boost City Shield Hydrating Lotion SPF25. This literally ticks all the boxes. Hydration, broad spectrum SPF, and free radical protection in the form of antioxidants. The lightweight formula is super comfortable and works well under makeup, or extra SPF.

All of the cleansers in the range (including the wipes) are R99.95 each and the moisturisers are R139.95. You’ll find the range at selected Clicks, Dis-chem, Foschini and pharmacies nationwide.