The Body Shop Spa of the World

The Body Shop is about to blow you away with an exciting new range.

Have you ever wished that you could have a spa in your house? Well, The Body Shop has created a range to help you create just that. Say hello to Spa of the World. Gorgeous, no?

The Body Shop Spa of the Wolrd Range

The packing is sophisticated and luxurious. The products feel substantial and really would be perfectly at home in a spa. To further emphasise the fact, there are no fewer than 100 natural ingredients in the range.

Before we get into the rituals and the products, let’s go on a little journey.

There are 13 products across the three rituals.

Blissful RitualsBlissful Tahitan OilBlissful Kukui CreamBlissful Polynesian Oil

Relaxing RitualRelaxing African ScrubRelaxing Egyptian BathRelaxing French OilRelaxing Himalayan MaskRelaxing Japanese Camelia Cream

Revitalising RitualRevitalising Dead Sea Salt ScrubRevitalising Moroccan ClayRevitalising Thai Oil

And if all of that wasn’t enough, they’ve also launched these. You know, just to make sure you get the full spa experience.


The stunning collection hits stores today, so get down to your nearest one to experience the range for yourself.

Keep an eye out for my reviews on a few of the products over the next few weeks.