How to remove excess candle wax from jars

I love having candles around the house, but I love the glass jars they come in even more.

They are great storage solutions for the office, bathroom and kitchen. Problem is, getting the leftover wax out of the jar can be tricky. But I’ve got the process down to an easy few steps.


First pop your candles in the freezer for two hours. The cold will cause the wax to contract, pulling it way from the side of the jar. (I have found that this doesn’t work with all waxes, so you’ll have to test it to see. If it doesn’t work, just use the hot water method below.)


Use a butter knife to gently pull the remaining wax out of the jar. It should come away pretty easily. You can save this in another jar to make another candle at a later stage.


Once most of the wax is out, fill the jar with boiling water. This will remove any traces left on the sides of the jar too. You’ll be able to see the wax melting and floating to the top.

After 5 minutes, you can pour the water and wax out. DON’T pour this down the drain, as the wax will solidify again and cause blockages. Rather strain it by pouring over an old rag, then just discard the rag.


Using a little vinegar and a cloth, remove any last traces of wax from the jar. And there you have it – perfect storage jars!