Beauty Blender Solid Blender Cleanser

Beauty Blender Solid Blender Cleanser, £16 (from Net-A-Porter)

Beauty Blender Solid Blender Cleanser

What they say: Our best-selling blendercleanser solid is sporting a new, modern look! With sleek new branding and a super soft, hot pink silicone pad – your beautyblender and makeup brushes will never be dirty again. We’ve replaced our custom grid with a gentle cleansing silicone pad, which you can now use to deep cleanse your beautyblenders as well as your makeup brushes. Our cleanser is perfect for traveling and offers the same cleansing results as our liquid blendercleanser with a soothing lavender fragrance.


What I say: Okay, so first of all, I would recommend Net-A-Porter over Cult Beauty because they use DHL instead of Fedex. Fedex SA are USELESS – two weeks to get a parcel here from JHB (after it cleared customs)? Not on.

Anyway, this solid brush and sponge cleaner is literally life changing! I actually want to wash my brushes now! It comes with a little pink silicone pad to scrub your brushes on, which works like a bomb.

The soap is so easy to use and it doesn’t leak, so is travel friendly, too! All you do it wet your sponge or brush, lather on the soap, and scrub away. It cleans even the grubbiest sponges in minutes!

I’m so glad I added this to my last order – my brushes and Beauty Blender love me for it.