A Grand Entrance from Elizabeth Arden

This is a public service announcement: you NEED this mascara in your life.

Goodness, this new mascara launch from Elizabeth Arden will blow your mind! It even beats their last mascara offering.




The Grand Entrance Mascara markets itself as one that will ‘dramatically volumise, lengthen and lift’ your lashes. Oh boy, this is not a lie! Just look at this – no mascara vs one coat of Grand Entrance! I realise I have pretty long lashes, but even girls with short stub lashes will love this! *Please conduct judge my brows – I need to get to Eye Candy, stat!

The research behind it discovered that it delivers an 80% increase in lash length and volume as well as a 162% increase in curl – pretty impressive, huh?



Just incredible! Get your tube now for R275 (it’s currently only available in one shade; Stunning Black).