La Solution 10 De Chanel

Chanel (finally) launches a cream for sensitive skin.

The new La Solution 10 De Chanel is the result of 4 years and 117 trials. The ‘10’ has been included in the name because the cream only contains 10 ingredients.

Chanel 10

The idea behind it is that while there are a few of us who suffer with sensitive skin all the time, nearly all of us experience bouts of it at some stage, meaning that everyone will have times in their life when their skin is just a moody cow that needs to just r-e-l-a-x. Ans that’s exactly what this cream is designed to do.

It’s able to do it thanks to the inclusion of an ingredient called Silver Needle Tea, which sounds terrifying, but in reality actually reduces your skin’s neurotrophic factors by up to 75% * neurotrophic factors promote the initial growth and development of neurons in the body.

Should I use Chanel 10

For those with very sensitive skin, the cream can be used as a daily treatment, or as an emergency relief aid for the rest of us.

You’ll find it at all Chanel counters from tomorrow for R1330.