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Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert Moisturiser

I don’t usually write about men’s products, as the boys in my life are useless at reviewing anything.

But as it’s Father’s Day this weekend, I thought this new launch from Vaseline was worth a mention.

Most women know about the damage the sun does to our skins, and we adjust our skincare routine accordingly. But men? Not so much. I don’t know about you, but trying to get my husband, brother in law, male cousins or friends to wear sun protection is like getting blood out of a stone.


So thank goodness for Vaseline, who has cleverly combined SPF15 protection and dark spot treatment in ‘regular’ products. Now boys can apply just one face cream and get the benefits of moisturisers, sun protection and a dark spot treatment.

The Vaseline MENface Even Tone Expert Moisturiser SPF15 is available in 20ml tube, R31.99; 50ml tube, R64.99 and 50ml pump bottle, R85.99.