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{ Review } Filorga Time Zero

Filorga Time Zero, R1090

What they say: Inspired by the latest Filorga medical innovations, this serum combines two formulas [zero wrinkle concentrate + intense lifting gel] to visibly reduce all types of wrinkles.

Deep set wrinkles – Filler-like correction:

A trio of hyaluronic acid-based active ingredients visibly fills deep wrinkles and plumps the skin.

Tiredness wrinkles – Mesotherapy-like correction:

A duo of matrikines combined with NCTF® tones the skin tissue and smoothes out lines.

Contraction wrinkles – Botox-like correction:

A tripeptide-hexapeptide duo modulates neurotransmission to relax the face without freezing facial expression.

Surface wrinkles – Peeling-like correction:

Gluconolactone combined with an exfoliating active ingredient resurfaces the skin and visibly fades fine lines.

What I say: You guys already know the deal with me and Filorga. There literally isn’t a product I don’t love.

This serum is no exception. I realise at 33 I’m not the prime target market, but I have just had a baby, so think that qualifies me a bit more, especially on the tiredness wrinkles front.

The formula is half way between a gel and a cream, but absorbs quickly like a regular serum. It has the usual Filorga scent and instantly hydrates the skin.

I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now, and can already see an improvement in the depth of my monkey lines and crows feet. The texture of my skin has changed, as well. It has been all over the place of late, but this has helped calm and smooth out my skin. I have been using other products to help with this (see this post), but I’ve used them before and didn’t see results this quickly, so this serum must be helping it along.

My skin also definitely looks plumper, but I think that is just because my wrinkles aren’t as deep as they were before. So it’s probably plumped the wrinkles rather than the whole face, if that makes sense?

I know the price tag is quite high for some of you, but people have been asking me if I’m going for peels again, which I’m not. So I can safely say it’s a facial in a tube…and because you can use it twice a day, every day, the results are much longer lasting than a R700 facial or peel.