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Tiger’s Eye Hair with David Gillson

I grew up in Simonstown, and spent a fair amount of time at the Scratch Patch, searching through the huge pit of gemstones for the perfect Tiger’s Eye.

I never found the perfect one, probably because I had no idea what my ultimate stone would look like. Fast forward 25 years, and I finally got my perfect Tiger’s Eye, but it’s not a stone.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might know what I’m on about. It all started with this pic I found on Instyle:

Tigers Eye Inspiration

I mean, hello! How gorgeous is this?

As soon as I saw this on my feed, I knew I had finally found ‘the one’. Enter the king of colour, David Gillson, Master Stylist and partner at Carlton Hair Hyde Park. I had tagged him in the pic, and he was just as excited as I was to create the look.

“This look follows the ‘undone’ hair trend that has been filtering through the hair world for a few seasons. It’s been a sub-trend, but this is going to be the year of unstructured, unique hair,” says David. “The internet, and social media in particular, enable us to all have access to the same information, which is wonderful most of the time, but it has left people wanting to be different. That’s why we’ve seen a shift towards more artisanal, personalised products and services. The Tiger’s Eye trend sits perfectly in this idea,” he explains. “You’ll adjust the application technique and shades for each client. This will depend on their hair colour, length and texture.”

So at first sight it looks like regular Balayage (nothing new there), but what makes this different is how it’s applied. Rather than systematic, even application, this is basically hand painted. Granted, these sticky strips make it much easier for stylists to apply it (without the need for rows of cotton wool), but the key is definitely down to stylist skill.

David started by artfully painting tiny alternating caramel and rose gold strips (we decided the copper in the picture was a bit too much for me) all over my head before tinting my roots with a mid-brown in a zigzag motion to avoid any harsh, solid lines. This look is all about the free hand, unstructured hues. The colour was finished with a toner run through the lengths and ends to remove any brassiness.

Dry, dull scraggly mess… (To be fair, it hadn’t been touched for 10 months)

After a keratin treatment, wash, cut and blow dry, he curled my hair into soft waves to create this incredible finished look:


I’ve had this just over a week now, and I’m obsessed! The hues are perfect for my skin tone and it’s going to be so easy to grow-out, as it will just look more hand painted as it gets longer. Perfect for lazy hair girls like me!

Next month I’ll be chatting to David about hair stylist appointment dos and don’ts. So if you have a burning question you’d like ask him about going to the hair salon (what to ask for, what to expect or what to do if you’re not happy, etc), please pop them below and I’ll ask him for you.

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