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Incredible launches from CHANEL

There is something about certain high-end French brands that just makes me so incredibly happy.

When a new product from the likes of CHANEL, Sisley and Filorga land on my desk, I just know they are going to do what they say they will on the box. Nothing is left to chance and every single possibility has been thought of to ensure you get the very best your money can buy (thus the price tags).

The latest drop of products from CHANEL actually left me speechless more than once. Makeup is something that pretty much remains the same year after year. Yes, there are new colours of eyeshadow and maybe a new foundation formula, but something groundbreaking is a rarity. But in one pristine white and black CHANEL bag, I received the world’s first 3D printed mascara wand, super pigmented matte lipstick with the comfort of a balm and a powder-like finish lip colour that is unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. I mean?

Boasting the first daily-use object 3D printed on an industrial scale, the brush head of Le Volume Révolution De Chanel Mascara(R635) really is a feat of engineering. Successive layers of a laser-beamed polymer are printed to create a surface that contains tiny honeycomb-like indentations to capture the mascara formula. This allows the brush to deliver an exact amount of product for each application.

This may sound simple, but the final shape design is the result of over 100 redesigns to ensure the very best combination of materials and bristle shape and distribution to create the perfect brush. The brushes are made by 6 machines that produce a whopping one million per month!

The brush is only one part of the clever technology enclosed in this mascara, though. The formula is almost as impressive thanks to a duo of waxes (rice and beeswax), deep-black pigments and a strong polymer film. This makes a formidable combination on the lashes. It manages to stretch out each lash, lifting it to its full length and depositing an even layer pure-black over each one. It is described as a volumising mascara, but for me it is an all-in-one formula that lifts, lengthens and adds volume. I normally only wear waterproof formulas, as I find they hold a curl better, but this one is so good, it works just as well as my beloved Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof.

We all know that matte lipstick formulas have come a very long way from the hideous chalky, flaky disasters of a few years ago, but the two new formulas in the Rouge Allure collection are light years ahead of most of the products on the market.

I’m going to start with Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême (R615), which is my favourite in this post. I’m honestly struggling to explain how comfortable this formula is. It is super matte, super pigmented, but so comfortable on the lips, you barely know you’re wearing it. Sounds impossible, right? I wouldn’t have believed the finish had I not experienced it for myself.  Once on, it feels like a very lightweight lipstick, but looks incredibly matte. It really is wizardry!

The clever ingredients in the formula is a combination of almond oil, vitamin E and matcha tea to smooth and nourish the lips, while the addition of natural rice and magnesia powders provide the mattifying effect. There are 6 shades to choose from in the range.

To continue the trend of extreme matte, the house has released these in full matte black packaging, which is gorgeous! The same treatment has been given to the Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks; the limited edition packaging features the matte black caps paired with the traditional gold tubes.


The other lip launch is aimed at the new generation of CHANEL fans. The Rouge Allure Liquid Powders (R615) provide a refreshingly modern take on the traditional matte lip. The word powder conjures up images of extremely chalky, drying colour that sucks all the moisture out of your lips the second you apply it. But, this is CHANEL, so of course it doesn’t. The formula glides on like an creamy oil, but gives a powdery finish. I’m guessing it’s similar technology to those gel translucent powders that both hydrate and mattify at the same time. The formula is housed in a squeezable tube, topped with a foam tip for easy application.  The result is a buildable wash of colour with blurred edges, and the easiest way to nail the French nonchalant approach to day-to-day make up. It’s meant to look lived-in and honestly, who has the time to meticulously line and fill your lips to create the perfect pout?  There are 6 shades to choose from in this range, too.

The last product I want to mention in this post is the Stylo Ombre et Contour in Rouge Noir (R560) from the 2018 Eyes Collection. Designed to be used as a shadow or liner, the cream formula is easy to work with, blends like a dream, and once set, stays in place all day. The rich jewel shade of Rouge Noir is going to be my festive party go-to!