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Filorga Sheet Masks

I’m yet to find fault with a Filorga launch. As you guys know, I’m a massive fan of the brand, and I’m happy to announce that they have just launched two sheet masks.

What they say: Today’s busy woman demands beauty on the go: products that are easy to apply, that act quickly and provide results in ultra-rapid time. That’s the reasoning behind Filorga’s new pre-soaked super-masks. New Time-Filler Mask and Hydra-Filler Mask (R175 each) are once-off, individual sheet-masks that provide intense treatment and rapid results in just 15 minutes. Both masks contain active ingredients derived from aesthetic medicine and provide express effectiveness through targeted actions and innovative technologies.

Hydra-Filler Mask is a super-moisturising mask that delivers concentrated, instant and long-term hydration whilst reinvigorating the skin to restore radiance and freshness.

Time-Filler Mask has a double smoothing effect, which lifts and visibly smoothes wrinkles, whilst stimulating skin regeneration for a reinforced anti-ageing action.

What I say: Well, obviously I love them both. The mask itself is well shaped (unlike some, which I’m convinced were designed for horses) and the fabric is dense enough not to tear, but supple enough so that the mask sticks to all areas of the face. The formula of the serums is also good, and doesn’t run down your neck and pool along the neck of your top (pet hate with some sheet masks). They both do also, hand on heart, deliver results in just 15 minutes.

The Hydra-Filler Mask is a wonderful addition to your skincare routine because it delivers deep, instant hydration that leaves the skin so soft you’ll feel like you’ve just had a facial. I would use this mask whenever I felt like I needed some extra hydration (hello, winter).

The Time-Filler Mask on the other hand, is one I would use before a big event, as it delivers a plumping and firming action that leaves your complexion looking fresh and bright. It will also be great for older women who need an extra boost.

I realise that R175 is pretty steep for a single use face mask, but as I said, you could use them before a big event, or think of it as a saving on your monthly facial…

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