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Hello Monsieur Big!

Want ridiculously big lashes? No problem. Monsieur Big is here!

Lancôme have outdone themselves with this mascara that promises ’12 X more volume’. Honestly, it may be more. I have never used such a volumising mascara (just look at the pic below).

How crazy? The left (my right eye) has one coat, no curling vs. bare lashes!

The secret is two fold: the formula and the brush. The formula is almost creamy in texture, and contains clever waxes and polymers that stick to the lashes, pulling them up and outward, and all without clumping. No, really.

The brush is huge, but needs to be to deliver THIS amount of volume in one sweep. Those of you who love those skinny silicone wands should look away now, as this is most certainly not the brush for you. I adore the size, as it enables quick application without having to fuss over each individual lash.

It curls like crazy, and even my elephant downward lashes held their own all day without the need for curling.

The longevity is good, too. Not as god as a full waterproof formula, but this claims ‘all day’ rather than waterproof, so I’m ok with it. It lasted a good 10 hours before looking a bit tired. It only comes in one colour; Big is the New Black. It’s as black as pitch, just to add to the volume.

If you want your biggest possible lashes, you want Lancôme Monsieur Big (R350) in you life. One you have your tube, get social with the results by using #MonsieurBig #MakeItBig