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How to hide a heavy/late night

We’ve all done it. Overdone it at the many, many parties we’re expected to attend at this time of the year. The morning after is always bad news for your skin. I can help you disguise your ‘hanging’ complexion so you’ll look fresh, even when you’re dying inside.

1. The biggest hangover giveaway is those pesky puffy, dark eyes. Start by applying anything cold to your eye area. Ice cubes, cucumber, a spoon from the freezer, anything that will cover the area will do. The cold makes your blood vessels shrink slightly, thus helping to reduce puffiness and dark shadow. I always keep a pair of Eyeslices (R200 from Skim Miles) in the fridge to tackle puffy eyes. The formula contains botanical extracts that help boost circulation around the eyes.

2. Once you’ve cooled your lids for 10 minutes, apply an eye treatment that contains caffeine, as this also helps to reduce puffiness. Try Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream (R355).

3. Also apply a super moisturizing serum. Your skin will be dehydrated from the alcohol, so add moisture back with a product like Marvel Hydro Shot (R1050).

4. To get a perfect-looking skin, you need to prep it with a foundation primer. Primers create a smooth, even canvas for you to work on, hiding any telltale fine lines and wrinkles. Sisley Instant Éclat Instant Glow Primer (R1120).

5. Next apply your regular foundation, but add a few drops of illuminating fluid before your apply. Try Catrice Galactic Highlighter Drops (R100).

6. Once you’ve finished with your foundation, have a look at which areas need extra coverage. Dark circles, and the edges of your nose will probably be the worse areas. Conceal with a creamy, blendable concealer like Revlon PhotoReady Concealer (R200).

7. Now add a subtle glow to your cheeks with a cream blush. Cream is best because it gives the most natural finish. Powder will dry out your already dry skin. I love Smashbox LA Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Colour in Beverly Hills (R425). 

8. The finishing touch is a sweep of mascara and be sure to curl your lashes, as this will open your eyes. If the inner rims of your eyes are a bit red, line them with a nude eye pencil like Catrice Inside Eye Highlighter Pen in Renude Yourself (R55).

Festive lights image by Emanuele Pansecco for Shutterstock