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Fringe benefits

Fringes are back. Again. Let’s be honest, they never leave, but they are BIG for winter.

While cutting a fringe may seem like a small hair change, it can have a big impact. But, as we all know, not all fringes are not created equal and it’s definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ style. 

To navigate the fringe arena, I thought I’d ask hair guru, David Gillson for his tips and tricks for finding and maintaining your perfect fringe.

How do I choose the best fringe shape for me?

Obviously, you can have whatever fringe you want. But I would say that you should try and pick a length and style based on the shape of your face.

The general guide is that the shorter and sharper the fringe, the rounder your face will look.

Longer, angular faces can wear short, sharp styles, as it will balance the face.

People with rounder faces will look best with long, layered bangs, as a textured fringe will add shape, but without making the face look wider.

How do I style my fringe?

Always do your fringe first. It’s important to work on it while it’s still damp, so do it before the rest of your hair.

Before you do anything else, comb the fringe forward into place, then finger dry. Start at the roots, as this will dictate the end result. Don’t use a brush on it until it’s about 90% dry, and then use a paddle brush to style the ends. Once your fringe is done, you can work on the rest of your hair.

If you get the shape wrong, don’t try and fix it. Just spritz it with water and start again. Fussing with it will cause damage, and you probably wont fix it, so don’t waste your time. 

How do I get a smooth finish? Do I flat iron?

The finger dry is the most important step for as smooth finish, so follow the steps I mentioned above.

You can flat iron, but make sure it’s a bevelled iron, and try to get as close to the roots as possible. Make sure you slightly curl the ends under or your fringe will look like thatched roof (not ideal).

How do I keep it in place?

It’s important not to load your fringe with product, as it will get greasy quickly. 

Spray some hair spray onto a paddle brush, and comb through to keep it tidy.

David Gillson

You can get David to work his magic on your hair most days at Carlton Hair Hyde Park (011) 325 4916, but he also makes regular trips down to Carlton Hair Constantia Village (021) 794 4417. For more hair and fashion trend inspiration, you can follow him on Instagram here.

Fringe image: Sanneberg for Shutterstock