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Review | SVR Sebiaclear Active Teinte

I mentioned a while ago that the maskne was really getting to me. A few weeks later, the SVR Sebiaclear Active Teinte (R283) landed on my desk. What a little gem of a product it is!

Formulated to target spots, blackhead and dark marks on even sensitive skin, this was just what I needed. It contains salicylic acid to refine the skin, unclog pores and prevent bacterial from causing further blemishes (I wash my masks after every use, but still struggle with breakouts). The other potent active is 4% niacinamide, which helps to soothe any irritation, as well as keep the bacteria under control.

I’ve used just over half a tube, and with daily use, I have definitely seen a vast reduction in the number of spots I’m getting, my chin is far less congested and the spots that I do get disappear quicker than they used to.

It mattifies the skin without drying or caking, thanks to its silicone base – this also makes it a perfect base for foundation. I get a full day’s wear out of it; sure, with some rubbing off on my mask, but not enough to be noticeable.

The only downside is that this the tinted version is called ‘Universal Tint’, and it really isn’t. It is definitely only for fairer skin tones, but there is an un-tinted version for darker skins that contains the same actives, so will deliver the same results. On my skin, it works well to unify the tone and adds a very subtle hint of colour – perfect for everyday use.

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