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Join CHANEL on a journey from Paris – Riviera

The latest addition to the already exquisite CHANEL Les Eaux collection is Paris – Riviera.

Last year we were introduced to the first instalment of Paris – Deauville, Paris – Venise and Paris – Biarritz, each place holding a special place in Gabrielle Chanel’s heart. Now we take another journey, this time to the French Riviera.

The human ability to conjure such strong memories from scent is thanks to something called ‘the Proust effect’, so named after the smell of fresh Madeleine’s caused Marcel Proust to write literally hundreds of pages of memories. Scientists think that the proximity of the hippocampus (the area that stores memories) and the amygdala (the part responsible for processing sensory information) in the brain is why we have strong scent memories.

Paris – Riviera was developed to whisk the wearer off to the Cote d’Azur in the 1920s, thanks to fresh top note of citrus that gives way to a delicate heart of jasmine and neroli. The base is a rich, but subtle cocktail of benzoin and sandalwood.

I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now, and it reminds me of sun-drenched days at the beach, lazy afternoons and watching the sunset, glass of bubbles in hand. Basically summer in a bottle. 

You’ll find it at CHANEL counters now. 125ml EDT, R2070.