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Review | MatsiMela Pedi Range

Sort out your summer hooves with MatsiMela’s new at-home pedi range. This duo will have your feet back to pre-summer softness in just a few days.

The process starts with the Foot Mask Spray (R80 for 100ml). It contains glycolic acid to exfoliate away rough, hard skin, leaving you with bouncy soft soles. It also contains glycerine to add back any lost moisture. You spray it onto clean feet a few nights a week, leave over night and simply wash off in the morning. I’ve been using it all year, and my feet look incredible, despite being barefoot all the time at home, and in sandals the rest of the time.

On the nights I don’t use the Foot Mask Spray, I’ve been applying a thin layer of the Heel Balm (R150 for 250ml).  Urea, shea butter and glycerin make up the deeply hydrating trio in this rich formula. Again, I apply it at before I go to bed, and leave over night. It contains peppermint essential oil, so does smell like a foot cream, sadly. So if you aren’t a fan of the scent, give this one a miss. I don’t mind it and once I’m asleep I can’t smell it.

If you are suffering with summer-ravaged dry, rough feet, I would highly recommend this – it’s far cheaper than those hard-core pedis, and it basically does the work for you while you sleep.

You’ll find the range in Dream Nails, Perfect 10 and Placecol salons and selected spas nationwide. You can find your nearest stockist here.