How to curl your lashes correctly

Many people struggle to use eyelash curlers, but once you know how, you’ll never look back!

“I have stick straight eyelashes and was wondering: Do curlers really work and how do you use them? Do you apply your mascara before or after curling? Do they damage your eyelashes and what’s the difference between the normal ones and the ones that heat up?”

You need to find a curler that works for you. Many of the really cheap ones will snag, and pull your lashes out, so it’s worth investing a bit more money for a good quality one. My all time favourite is UBU The Lasharazzi Eyelash Curlers, R49.95 available at Clicks.


My faves - UBU Lasharazzi Eye Lash Curlers

I’m not a fan of the heated ones just because I don’t fancy the idea of putting something that’s heated anywhere near my eye. They do give great results, but I really wouldn’t recommend them if you are a novice lash curler.

Curlers won’t damage your lashes if you use them correctly. Here’s how I curl my lashes to make it last all day.

Start with clean, dry lashes. If your lashes are dirty, or have mascara on, you could damage them.

Open the curler, and position it over your lashes at the base of your top lash line. Make sure it is as close to the base as possible, without touching the skin.


Get as close as possible to the roots

Close the curler over the lashes, and making sure you aren’t catching skin, gently pump the curler 2 or 3 times. Keep your eyes as open as possible while you do this, otherwise your lashes will end-up looking crimped rather than curled.

Release the curler, and slowly remove from your lashes. You can now apply mascara to hold your curled lashes in place.

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