My life in fragrance – Chantelle Bester

The next beautiful person to tell us about her life in fragrance is Chantelle Bester.

Chantelle Bester

She is the editor of Not Another Poppie, and she certainly isn’t! She’s a retired skincare therapist who now spends way too much time marvelling over the latest and greatest in the world of cosmetics… Luckily, she says, “I have a fun platform to share it through. I am ridiculously obsessed with skincare technology, and am constantly losing hours online searching for weird and wonderful ingredients – but I’ll pass on the gimmicks, thank you very much. My favourite indulgences are books, perfumes, movies and desserts – in no particular order.”

What is your earliest fragrance memory?

Mr Min - remember him?

My mom really, really liked YSL Opium… But if we’re talking non-perfume things, I’m almost sure the first things I can remember is the smell of bread toasting (my hips say thank you) and the smells associated with house cleaning – especially that carpet powder/vacuum smell and Mr Min.

What was your first fragrance?

Old school Revlon

I really want to lie and say something glam now, but it was Revlon Fire & Ice. If I smell anything remotely close to it (Hugo Boss Orange reminds me of it) I’m violently catapulted back to my gr. 8 year and my bad ass boyfriend and those first cigarettes behind the garage, and the student-pilot that stayed with us for a while that took me for a driving lesson and had to face the wrath of mom when we got home. See, I can’t stop it.

The first fragrance I fell in love with, however, was Emporio Armani She.

What is your favourite everyday fragrance? Why?

Flora by Gucci

At the moment I’m still dabbling in summer florals – I’m alternating Gucci Flora and Elizabeth Arden Pretty. My day job involves aromatherapy, so on days where I’m seeing clients and handling oils, I keep it very light – nobody wants to buy oils from a walking Potpourri arrangement.

What is your special occasion fragrance? Why?

Guerlain Idylle

At the moment there are two – I’ve been using the heavenly Guerlain Idylle for a couple of months, and it’s absolutely amazing. I also very recently discovered Yardley Forbidden Lace which I’m loving when my mood is right for it. I’ll be very honest – if I’m wearing these slightly spicier, sultrier fragrances I definitely feel more confident and sexy. It adds that little sway to your step, which is why I don’t hesitate to wear a ‘special occasion’ fragrance on a regular day.

Have you found your ‘signature’ scent? What makes it so special to you?

Chantelle's signature scent

Definitely Emporio Armani She. It’s a beautiful scent that does not smell like any other perfume, and it’s not too popular – I don’t think I’ve encountered more than five people that have been able to identify it, even though dozens have complimented it. If I had a penny for every time I smelled Red Door or Angel on someone, on the other hand…

What is your best fragrance memory?

Her granny's mint

The first scents I remember are all from my grandma’s house, and they always make me smile: the mint that grew by the back door, the rose garden, and the smell of her make-up drawer, which I only recently figured out was Patchouli. Those were the days…

Is there a fragrance that you love the smell of, but it just smells horrid on your skin?

Sadly not 'The One' for Chantelle

Most certainly Dolce & Gabbana The One. Stuff smells absolutely divine in the bottle, and also on other people. But it’s too much for me. The smell surrounds me like an enemy army, and it then nests in my nostrils all day. Yay for staying power, but this one is not for me.

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