Mr P goes live in cyberspace

I’m sure most you know by now that one of my favourite retailers, Mr P have gone all interweb on us, and launched a fab shopping site!

I made my first (of many) purchases last week, and less than 48 hours later, I had this enticing package waiting for me on my desk.

Ooooh! What's in the bag?

I bought this Kumaro bright teal linen shirt dress, R119.99, which is being worn with leggings and tons of layers at the moment, but I can wait till it’s warm enough to wear it on it’s own!

Kumaro Linen Shirt Dress


Pocket detail
I love a bow, me!

Then I bought a selection of cute accessories, and these fab gold toe capped pumps (they call them brogues, but one toe cap does not a brogue make).

Blackbeard would be proud of this hoard...
Just love them!


I like gooooold.

The accessory hoard included these cute bunny ear rings, R29.99 for the set of 3.


Cute, but a little impractical, I fear.

This mad Vida-esque moustache ring, R19.99.

Meu gosta muito!


And this plaited pastel bangle pack, R39.99.


Pastels are HUGE for summer

Payment is easy, and you have a whopping 6 options here. You can pay by credit card. Debit card, MrPrice Money account, electronic MrPrice gift card, EFT (this may take up to 48 hours to process, though), or you could pay cash, but this involves paying in store, which kind of avoids the whole point of buying online.

Delivery costs just R35, and you can choose to have it delivered to your door, nearest post office, or even your nearest Mr P store.

Returns are just as easy. You can use a courier or the Post Office to send the products back to Mr P HQ (this will cost you, however) or you can just return them to a Mr P store.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get fashion the lazy girl’s way.

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