IYØS / Trollbeads Easter Fun

Stories. We all have them. We all like sharing (some of them). We all want to remember the good ones and hopefully learn from the bad ones.

On Thursday I was invited to delve into the world of Trollbeads at IYØS Jewellery* in Gardens Centre. I’ve heard of the brand and know that they make jewellery, but didn’t know much more beyond that.

It’s a Danish, family run business that prides itself on being part of life journeys through their creations. The main focus is beads; glass, silver, brass and gold (although due to the rand fluctuations and the steep price of gold, these are only available online in SA.) Obviously they make other jewellery, but as beads were the inspiration behind the brand and they are still a focal point, these were what I was drawn to most.


There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from (really – look here). You can create your own life story on your bracelet. They come in leather, bangles (solid metal), or bracelets (chain-like). The beads fit onto them all, so you can pick, choose and customize to heart’s content. If you aren’t keen on bracelets, you can pop a bead on a necklace or ring, if you’d prefer.


After looking through ALL the options, this was what I created as my ‘dream bracelet’, the one I’m working towards. From left to right: Silver Three Monkeys, Murano Glass Earth and Silver Wine Harvest. (I included the ring here, just so you can see what it looks like.)


Here are their meanings behind the beads

Three Monkeys: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. The three monkeys from the Japanese culture.

Earth: A tribute to our beautiful, wild and magnificent earth, and to all the creatures inhabiting it.

Wine Harvest: This bead is made in honour of the wine goddess Bubaca.

And here are my reasons:

Three Monkeys: I have two nephews, who we call monkeys and my little monkey is arriving this year…three monkeys.

Earth: My dad is Irish, and as it was St Patrick’s Day on Thursday, I wanted a green bead. I finally went for the Earth one because I am an earth sign.

Wine Harvest: We’re busy fermenting our 4th vintage, so thought some help from the wine goddess might be a good idea.


See – you can have so much fun! But, let me warn you; it can be too much fun, and is just as addictive as Pinterest or beauty tutorials on Youtube…

IYØS Easter

If I’ve got you hooked, IYOS are giving you a chance to start you own Trollbeads collection with their Easter giveaway.


To win a Trollbeads Easter bead as well as a white leather bracelet for your new bead, you need to visit the IYØS website and hunt for the IYØS Easter Egg.

Then Facebook message IYØS, and tell then where you found the Easter Egg.

The winner will be announced on the 24th of March 2016. (Only open to SA residents).

Psst! You can follow IYØS on twitter and instagram for daily hints, if you need.

* IYØS have stores at Palmyra Junction, Canal Walk and Gardens Centre in Cape Town.

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