Travels with my products – the last installment

And finally, I also took these:

  1. Crabtee & Evelyn Citron Hand Sanitiser, R75. I never leave the house without this product, so would never dream of travelling to the other side of the world without it. It comes in really handy when you’ve been petting alpaca’s and llamas, and you want to eat an empanada! It’s not sticky, disappears quickly and smells divine!
  2. Kiehl’s Crème de Corps 75ml, R129 See yesterday’s post – I can’t say any thing else about how incredible this is!
  3. Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection for Women 2 30ml EDT, R469. Not only is this fragrance my favourite in the 4 strong collection, this size keeps Customs officers happy, too!
  4. Stackable 7 Day Vitamin Holder, R15.99 from Dischem. Great for travelling! I much prefer this shape to those huge flat ones!
  5. Nivea Sun SOS After Sun Relief Lotion, R53.99. Who knew you could get so burnt up an ice-capped volcano? This came into its own after our insane ascent to 21 000ft! Calmed and soothed our burnt hands immediately! I had insisted we both
  6. Elizabeth Arden Fragrance Free Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, R165. Besides the 100 other applications it can be used for – I was so incredibly glad to have this in Aguas Calientes after I had served as a walking buffet for millions of mozzies! It took most of the crazy itchiness away in flash! And because it’s now fragrance free, it didn’t attract any more.
  7. Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF30 High UVA + UVB Protection, R234.99. I. Would. Have. Died. Without. It. #thatisall
  8. Good Earth Shea Butter Travel Set, R44.99. The set contains 50ml body wash, scrub and lotion. The wash came in helpful in hotels that had horrible soap, and I used the scrub every few days. I didn’t use the cream at all because why would I when I had my Kiehls?
  9. Palmers Olive Butter Formula Body Lotion 50ml, R8.99. The boyf kept this in his bag for his hands. He’s now a huge Palmers fan.
  10. Beaucienece Natural Hand Santizing Gel, R69. I took this incase we ran out of the C&E (we did). Worked just as well, and wasn’t at all sticky. I would use it all the time, but I just love the C&E Citron fragrance.


Dr Who would be very impressed with these tardis-like bags!

And I packed all of this into this 3 Piece Travel Toiletry Bag set, R129.99 from Clicks. S-U-P-E-R for travelling. The different sizes are perfect for dividing products into different uses. I had makeup in the smallest one, body products in the middle one, and general and bigger products in the largest one.