Doctor’s orders

My last summer survial post is by Dr Reza Mia, a Johannesburg based Aesthetic Doctor. He is also the sole distributor of Dr Rey’s body and skin care range, Sensual Solutions.

Dr Reza Mia

Although both Dr Rey and Dr Mia are aesthetic doctors, they both believe that plastic surgery should be a last resort. They say that lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to you appearance. Here Dr Mia gives up his top 5 tips for being and looking healthy this season.

1. Diet & Exercise

This should be the starting point of any lifestyle or beauty regime.  Dr Rey is a firm believer in getting off your backside, and excercising. Exercise is one of his favourite things to do. He recognizes that finding time to fit exercise into your daily routine can be difficult. This is why he developed his No Sweat Workout in his book “Body by Rey” (R160 from selected CNA stores) which teaches you how to work out in 10 minutes anytime, anywhere and without breaking a sweat. Once you get hooked on this workout he’ll teach you how to sculpt any part of your body without surgery. And who doen’t have 10 minutes a day?

Stretching is also very important in keeping your body supple throughout the summer months. Simple stretching techniques that can be done every morning can be found in Dr Rey’s book – ‘Body by Rey’. Keeping supple reduces your risk of injury; however, overstretching could lead to injuries.

2.  Keep Hydrated

We all know how important water is. However, Dr Mia says that the argument that everyone needs 8 glasses a day is no longer valid. People come in different sizes and are active to different degrees. Listen to your body and drink water when you are thirsty until you are no longer thirsty.

Proper hydration can help you be at your best throughout the day.  Especially on hot days, avoid quenching your thirst with tea, coffee, fizzy drinks or alcoholic beverages, these will dehydrate you further. Water every day helps to maintain the critical moisture balance of the body and skin, and assists in detoxification.

3. Chemical Peels

The higher temperatures and humidity in summer lead to increased sweating and oiliness. Both of which can contribute to more blackheads and acne. Chemical peels help to keep the pores small and open to prevent the collection of sebum and the acne that follows.

We also use chemical peels to treat pigmentation caused by UV radiation, however, sun exposure following a peel will cause skin damage. The skin remains sensitive until fully recovered from the peel, so wear a high SPF every day, and reapply often.

4. Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers. Perform in the mornings prior to toner, moisturizer, SPF and make-up application. After you exfoliate, follow with a hydrating body cream to seal in moisture, and always shield freshly exfoliated skin with an SPF for both the face and body

Dr Mia recommended: Sensual Solutions Advanced Body Refining Scrub with ABC Advanced Brazilian Complex, R268

The product’s unique complex, ABC (Active Brazilian Complex) is very high in antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radical damage. This works together with apricot seed exfoliants that slough away dead skin to reveal soft, silky skin that’s perfectly moisturised.

If cellulite and stretch marks are an issue, Dr Mia suggests that adding in a skin tightening cream to your routine will result in smoother, tighter skin. Using Sensual Solutions Body Liftox and chemical peels will assist in the reduction of the appearance of stretch marks. There are new methods to improve the appearance of cellulite as well, using injectable treatments.

5. Sun Protection

Dr Mia has the same attitude towards the sun as I do. Yes, I kow you’re sick of me saying it, but this time, it’s straight from a doctor’s month, so you’d better listen…

Apply sunblock adequately and frequently. Studies indicate that most people do not apply nearly as much daylight protection as they should.

It is important to look after your skin and ensure protection from one of the harshest environmental factors – the sun. When stepping outside ensure you are wearing a hat as well. It is important to Re-apply every two hours and to try and stay out of the midday sun from mid-morning to late afternoon whenever you can. Cover up where you can and ensure that kids are always well protected from the sun.

Dr Rey has just launched his own sunblock called Sensual Solutions Advanced Sunscreen SPF 30 with ABC Advanced Brazilian Complex, R292. As I explained before, the antioxidant complex will protect your skin, and the high SPF is perefct for our African sun.

The Sensual Solutions line-up

If you’d like to get in touch with or learn more about the services Dr Mia offers, you can call his practice on 011 646 4044 or visit his website. You’ll find the Sensual Solutions range in seleceted Stuttafords, Edgars and Red Square stores. Click here for your nearest stockist.

So there you have it. Five experts in five days. I hope you’ve all learnt a thing or two about keeping your body healthy this summer.


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