Smart girls protect their skin

Our skin is what gets damaged the most in summer. Today Dr Bradley Wagemaker, Medical Director and founder of Lamelle Research Laboratories explains how to protect it this summer.

The charming Dr Bradley

Dr Bradley (as he’s fondly know in the industry) is an absolute oracle on all things skin. He’s explained many a complicated process or condition in simple, often hysterical terms so that we can ‘get it’. I know my understanding of our skin’s cycle has been vastly enriched by Dr Bradley’s knowledge.

His research has lead to the creation of the Lamelle range. There are products to treat very specific skin conditions, as well as every day at-home products. I swear by Cathepzyme, R356 for exfoliating my skin.

Dr Bradley says there are three simple steps to keeping your skin healthy throughout summer, here they are:

1. You need to change your behavior and mindset about the sun. Make these changes:

  • Avoid sun exposure at its peak.
  • Use the shadow rule to guide your outside activities (if your shadow is longer than your height, then its safer sun.).
  • Beach umbrellas only offer very limited SPF cover.
  • Big hats ARE lovely! And they reduce your risk of sunburn and hyperpigmentation (worsening of dark marks on the skin).
  • Early burn in the holiday offers very little ‘resistance’ to sun damage for the rest of the holiday.
  • And yes, you can still sunburn even when it is cloudy!

2. As the song goes, wear sunscreen:

  • For the beach, the higher the SPF the better!!
  • Re-apply frequently if you are swimming or perspiring.
  • After being in the sun use post sun exposure products to reduce any UV injury that may have occurred (Lamelle Nourish Rescue Repair Gel, R295 is developed specifically for this).

3. Anti-oxidants are your best friends:

  • Topical antioxidant products can rapidly and effectively reduce the high free radical load in the skin from UV exposure.
  • By putting them on the skin, one can direct the ingredients to area of greatest need and therefore benefit.
  • Some antioxidant ingredients (Lamelle Corrective Recharge CE Serum, R750) can improve pigment, reduce the ageing effects of UV and reduce free radicals with one product.
  • Oral anti-oxidants further enhance skin protection. Ovelle capsules from Lamelle Research Laboratories, R427 for 60 tablets, have been proven to increase skin resistance to UV exposure by over 80% as well as reduce skin pigmentation and prevent cell death from UV exposure. This makes it an invaluable support to healthier skin this summer.

Find out more about Lamelle products, as well as Dr Bradley here.